Dear Valued Customer,

Attached please find a Voluntary Safety Recall Notice from Fluke Corporation, which you are receiving because our records indicate that we may have previously sold you Fluke Corporation Products. According to the Recall Notice, Fluke Corporation "has determined that certain 374 FC, 375 FC, 376 FC, and 902 FC Clamp Meters may contain a manufacturing error such that a safety protection component may be rendered inoperable. Because of this, there may be severely limited or even no protection provided against arc explosions, burns, or electric shock if hazardous voltage is applied to the terminals while in rotary switch positions not rated for the voltage." Fluke Corporation advises you to IMMEDIATELY STOP using affected products. Detailed instructions for identifying, registering, and returning affected products to Fluke Corporation for repair, at no cost to you, are included in the attached Recall Notice.