Manufacturer: Prosoft Technology, Inc. | Catalog # CLX-422-IPC | North Coast Part # 1047105

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The Honeywell IPC module allows an Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Processor to control a Honeywell IPC 620 I/O devices. This module allows a phased migration approach to be used when upgrading or replacing HoneywellÂ’s SLM 621-9939 Scanners.  This In-chassis module provides automatic detection of the IPC I/O racks and modules.  After the direction of the I/O cards has been entered the associated RSLogix 5000 tags can be auto generated significantly reducing engineering effort.  Monitor mode allows verification of your conversion logic using live I/O data without impacting the running legacy system.  Once the new processor is commissioned the legacy I/O can be upgraded one module or one rack at a time as scheduled downtime is available. This module minimizes the risk of excessive downtime when upgrading legacy control systems.

Technical Information

Storage Temperature
-40 To 185 F

Manufacturer Information

Family Brand Name
Prosoft Technology
  • Desktop use or DIN Rail Mountable
  • Monitor mode enables testing and verification of the conversion logic before controlling physical I/O, reducing the risk of production loss due to programming errors
  • Multi-colored LED indicates status of the communications between the IPC scanner module and the processor
  • Auto-configuration feature maps the IPC I/O data into tags in the ControlLogix® processor
  • Replaces a Honeywell SLM 621-9939 scanner module and communicates to the I/O racks through the 621-9940 Serial I/O module
  • Auto-Configuration feature detects the IPC I/O rack, whether it is Analog or Digital, and the module size reducing the risk of configuration errors
  • Configuration files are downloaded to the module through RSLinx™ Classic
  • Diagnostic data from the IPC network is mapped into the ControlLogix processor
  • Supports 250 words of input data and 248 words of Output data transferred on an I/O connection to a ControlLogix processor
  • Multi-colored LED that indicates the status of the IPC-620 network connection
  • Supports up to 16 IPC I/O racks
  • Supports all standard IPC digital and analog I/O modules