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Manufacturer: Prosoft Technology, Inc. | Catalog # MVI46-MCM | North Coast Part # 320238

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The MVI46 Modbus Master/Slave Network Interface Module allows Rockwell Automation SLC processors to interface with Modbus-compatible devices. Compatible devices include not only Modicon PLCs but also a wide assortment of third-party devices found in nearly every industry.

Manufacturer Information

Family Brand Name
Prosoft Technology
  • Many host SCADA packages support the Modbus protocol, while devices commonly supporting the protocol include several PLCs, as well as many other third party devices in the marketplace. (For a partial list of devices that speak Modbus, please visit the ProSoft Tested section of the ProSoft Technology web site).
  • The MVI46-MCM module acts as an input/output module between the Modbus network and the Rockwell Automation backplane. The data transfer from the SLC processor is asynchronous from the actions on the Modbus network. A 5000-word register space in the module exchanges data between the processor and the Modbus network.
  • The inRAx Modbus Master/Slave Communications module is designed to allow SLC processors to interface easily with Modbus protocol-compatible devices and hosts.
  • Pipelines and offshore platforms
  • Applications using the Modbus Communication Module can be found in many industrial sectors and in the following applications:
  • Pulp and paper
  • Foreign device data concentrator
  • Food processing
  • SCADA communications
  • Mining
  • The module is recognized as an Input/Output module and has access to processor memory for data transfer between processor and module using M0/M1 files
  • Single Slot - 1746 backplane compatible (Local or extended I/O rack only. Remote rack not supported)
  • Ladder Logic is used for data transfer between module and processor. Sample ladder file included
  • Configuration data obtained from configuration text file downloaded to module. Sample configuration file included