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Manufacturer: Prosoft Technology, Inc. | Catalog # MVI94-MCM | North Coast Part # 325993

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The MVI94 Modbus Master/Slave Network Interface Module allows Rockwell Automation FLEX I/O processors to interface with Modbus-compatible devices. Compatible devices include not only Modicon PLCs but also a wide assortment of third-party devices found in nearly every industry.

Manufacturer Information

Family Brand Name
Prosoft Technology
Functional Specifications
  • Support for the storage and transfer of up to 5000 registers to/from the FLEX processor's data files
  • Supports Enron version of Modbus protocol for floating point data transactions.
  • Module memory usage that is completely user definable
  • Application port can emulate Modbus master or slave device
  • Some of the general specifications include:
General Specifications
  • Some of the general specifications include:
  • Operation via simple ladder logic
  • Flex backplane interface via I/O access
  • Complete setup and monitoring of module through Debug port and user configuration file
Slave Specifications
  • The MVI94-MCM module accepts Modbus function code commands of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 15 and 16 from an attached Modbus master unit. A port configured as a Modbus slave permits a remote master to interact with all data contained in the module. This data can be derived from other Modbus slave devices on the network, through a master port, or from the FLEX processor.
  • Pulp and paper
  • Applications using the Modbus Communication Module can be found in many industrial sectors and in the following applications
  • Food processing
  • Mining
  • Supports Enron version of Modbus protocol for floating point data transactions.
  • Pipelines and offshore platforms
  • Foreign device data concentrator
  • SCADA communications
Master Specifications
  • A port configured as a virtual Modbus master device on the MVI94-MCM module actively issues Modbus commands to other nodes on the Modbus network. One hundred (100) commands are supported on each port. Additionally, the master port has an optimized polling characteristic that polls slaves with communication problems less frequently. The FLEX processor can be programmed to control the activity on the port by actively selecting commands from the command list to execute or issuing commands directly from the ladder logic.
  • Many host SCADA packages support the Modbus protocol, while devices commonly supporting the protocol include several PLCs, as well as many other third party devices in the marketplace. (For a partial list of devices that speak Modbus, please visit the ProSoft Tested section of the ProSoft Technology web site).
  • The MVI94-MCM module acts as an input/output module between the Modbus network and the Rockwell Automation backplane. The data transfer from the FLEX processor is asynchronous from the actions on the Modbus network.
  • The inRAx Modbus Master/Slave Communication Module is designed to allow FLEX processors to interface easily with Modbus protocol-compatible devices and hosts.