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Manufacturer: Prosoft Technology, Inc. | Catalog # MVI46-GSC | North Coast Part # 494744

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The Generic Serial ASCII Network Interface Module is a fast and easy way to add two fully configurable ASCII communication ports to the SLC platform without consuming the front port of the processor. This allows the SLC processor to interface with any generic ASCII device such as bar code scanners, weigh scale interfaces, legacy ASCII protocol connections, terminal port emulation and printer drivers. Each port supports the sending and receiving of large ASCII character strings and is individually configurable.

Manufacturer Information

Family Brand Name
Prosoft Technology
  • Terminal port emulation
  • Bar code scanner interfaces
  • Printer driver (alarm/status printer)
  • Weigh scale interfaces
  • Legacy ASCII protocol connections
  • The MVI46-GSC module is the ideal solution for the many applications where ASCII character communications must be added to the SLC platform. Applications using the MVI46-GSC module can be found in many industrial sectors generally involving the following applications:
  • Single Slot - 1746 backplane compatible (Local or extended I/O rack only. Remote rack not supported)
  • The module is recognized as an Input/Output module and has access to processor memory for data transfer between processor and module using M0/M1 files
  • Ladder Logic is used for data transfer between module and processor. Sample ladder file included
  • Configuration data obtained from configuration text file downloaded to module. Sample configuration file included
  • The MVI46-GSC module is a single slot, backplane compatible solution for the Rockwell Automation SLC platform. This module has two powerful and fully configurable ASCII communication ports, each supporting the sending and receiving of large ASCII character strings. With the implementation of some supporting ladder logic in the processor, the many different devices supporting ASCII communications can be integrated into the SLC platform.