Manufacturer: Prosoft Technology, Inc. | Catalog # 5102-MCM-ASCII3 | North Coast Part # 500896

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The ProLinx Modbus Master/Slave to ASCII Generic Serial Gateway creates a powerful connection between devices on a Modbus network and ASCII devices. This stand-alone DIN-rail mounted protocol gateway provides one Modbus configurable serial port and three ASCII configurable serial ports. The Modbus protocol driver supports Master and Slave implementations of the protocol. All Modbus serial ports are individually configurable, providing a very powerful and flexible host or device interface solution. The ASCII protocol driver permits the module to interface to many ASCII devices. Each ASCII port on the module is configurable to send and/or receive ASCII strings, each supporting its own individual serial network.

Manufacturer Information

Family Brand Name
Prosoft Technology
Internal Database
  • The ProLinx module contains an internal database that consists of areas for application data, status information, and configuration information.
  • The internal database is shared between all ports on the module and is used as a conduit to pass information from a device on one network to one or more devices on another network.
Configuration Data Area
  • This area contains module configuration information such as port configuration, network information, and command configuration. This configuration file is downloaded to, or uploaded from, this area.
Status Data Area
  • This area is used to store error codes, counters, and port status information for each port.
Application Data Area
  • The data area is used to store and retrieve data by the protocol drivers and for data exchange between protocols. The database is used as a source for write commands to remote devices and holds data collected from the remote devices. Commands defined in the configuration file (stored in the configuration data area) control how the data is to be handled in the database.
  • The MCM-ASCII modules are the ideal solution for the many applications where Modbus connectivity can be used to integrate ASCII serial devices into a system. The Modbus gateway is a powerful module designed with both Client and Server support, enabling easy connection to other Modbus devices (Modicon processors and many others). In combination with the ASCII device support, the module provides a very powerful interface to the many ASCII input devices which are in use in the industrial marketplace today. Applications for the module are found in most industries, especially the Manufacturing, Oil and Gas, Electrical Power and Food Processing.