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Manufacturer: GE Distribution Equipment | Catalog # FCN36TE050R1 | North Coast Part # 547368

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Record Plus½ represents the very latest in molded case circuit breaker design. Utilizing design features such as double-break rotary contact structures and advanced ablative materials to enhance interruption, Record Plus½ is capable of interrupting ratings up to 200kA (FC max is 150kA). High kAIC ratings, selective coordination, reduced arc flash energy, and current limitation embody the core design principles of Record Plus½. FC 100 circuit breakers are supplied with factory installed non-user interchangeable thermal-magnetic trip units and c an be suppli ed with or wi thout lugs. FC is available in 2- and 3-pole versions, both in a 3-pole footprint. Record Plus½ product numbers ending in R or R0 do not include lugs. An R1 suffix indicates that the breaker is supplied with line and load lugs, R2 indicates load lugs, and R3 indicates line lugs. RV suffixed product numbers include load lugs and line connections specifically designed for General Electric type AD panels. All frames use common internal accessories (auxiliary switches, UV releases, shunt trips, and bell alarms) UL listed for field installation. UL listed maximum short circuit ratings at 480VAC are 150kA for the 100A frames and 200kA for the 600A frames. Unless noted otherwise, all circuit breakers and accessories are listed in UL file number E11592. FRAME WITH LUGS

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Electrical distribution and Control

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GE Distribution
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GE Industrial Solution

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